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Posted on November 14 2017

It’s common place to purchase pre-owned cars, furniture even sports equipment…items that don’t touch our bodies, however it is not as common place to purchase fashion items such as clothing or accessories. We’ll freely abscond with our friend’s hand me downs but won’t be caught purchasing pre-owned fashion.

For many purchasing a pre-owned item is about sustainability for the planet and being fiscally responsible. But what if it’s also about your health. Not your mental health but your physical health?

Recent articles in the NY Times and the UK Daily Mail both uncovered the high use of formaldehyde in new clothing items such as wrinkle free clothing and even higher concentrations in outwear. “Professor Donald Belsito a dermatologist at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York, says clothes should be washed at least once as soon as you get them home”. Formaldehyde in clothing has been linked to contact dermatitis. But tests in New Zealand discovered levels on Chinese-made clothes that were up to 900 times higher than the prescribed safety limit."

Fast forward to a luxury preowned item that already been laundered. Not only is it free of formaldehyde, it's also sustainable and leaves more in your bank account.