Are Designer Shoes Really Worth The Price?

Are Designer Shoes Really Worth The Price?

Okay, you might say that we are biased when we say yes they are, but before we were girlboss at Leef Luxury we were a consumer and a smart consumer at that. Why smart consumer? Well, we chose to spend our money wisely and that's why I say a smart consumer. But we digress.

We tried buying mid level or even cheaper shoes and what we found was that they had a shelf life of about 1 -12 months. Why? We found that they less expensive shoes that use leather, stretch the leather so thin, to get more fabric out of the piece and therefore a small scuff becomes a tear which as you know is never fixable. 

But is thin leather the only reason why, no not really. Fit and size are at issue as well. We are a size 34-35 1/2. Non designer shoes start at a 36. We simply can't shop at these stores whether we want to or not. Next is fit, yes designer shoes do fit better.

Now, we understand, not everyone has the budget to go out and buy retail, ever we didn't so we shopped preloved. So going back, purchasing a mid level, which I have been known to do twice in a year as the leather tore does not make a smart consumer to me. Spending the same money and being preloved and having shoes for years makes a smart consumer.  Do you shop preloved?

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